North American T-28B "Trojan"

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1:6 scale USAF and USN TRAINER and COIN FIGHTER  1949 - 1973

 80.7" Span, 1074 sq. in. for 1.4-2.0 two or four stroke,  20-23 lbs.

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side view


 Plans  CAD drawn, (85 sq. ft., rolled in a tube)                                                                                $70 (frt prepaid) 

    The plans show all servo locations and mounts, and such things as sliding canopy details and numerous construction notes.

    The airplane was designed with tab & slot assembly, for easy, accurate construction.

 Printed Building Instructions  55 pages and a Bill of Materials                                                   $23  (frt $4 in envelope)

    Step by step instructions  to build this airplane, plus general building tips, methods and materials.

    Documentation sources are called out in the building instructions. 

Canopy   (3 pieces) and almost 2 feet long, plus a couple of landing light lenses                        $65  (frt $13)

Cowling  Fiberglass and Epoxy   9 pieces, with separate scoops                                                  $85  (frt $13)

Wing Tips  Fiberglass and Epoxy   2 pieces                                                                                      $20  (frt $5)




Decals Lettering for #752  as pictured above.  4 sheets                                                                  $34 (frt $4)  

                                         (e-mail with  photos  for a quote on special markings).

CD Rom Building Instructions and Construction Pictures  ($15 if purchased with Parts Set) $26  (frt $4)

Instructions Bill of Materials, and more than 220 construction photos 

Instrument Panel Kit  2 Panels of dial instruments  (but no projecting knobs or switches)        $50 (frt $4)

                        Panels must be assembled from 4 pieces and painted for each panel  - easy assembly  

Templates   of parts to be cut out (35 sq. ft.) nested on "wood" sheets          $ 20  (frt prepaid  with plans, $8 folded) 

      Note: This aircraft was designed for laser cut parts, with tab & slot assembly:  the parts are more complex than most .

Laser Cut Wood Parts,    All the cut wood parts in the airplane, except the skins.                         $335  (frt $16)

Landing Gear    A retractable gear and air system made especially for this airplane.                   $595  (frt $13)

                       An adjustable speed retract valve must be purchased separately.

Paint  "Warbird Colors" water clean-up,  fuel proof paint in scale colors,  primer and clearcoat.   $142  (frt $19)

     Click on "Paint" above for paint included in set.

Paint Mask Templates Ask for them.  We can send insignia and lettering templates  to you in print form or to your template cutter in a cutting file.



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